# 前言


  • 写作任务回应情况 - Task Response
  • 连贯和衔接 - Coherence and Cohesion
  • 词汇丰富程度 - Lexical Resource
  • 语法多样性及准确性 - Grammatical Range and Accuracy

# Task Response

  • 字数够 Adequate words (250+)
  • 主题明确 Clear thesis
  • 有分论点支持 Supporting ideas
  • 分论点有展开 Logic development
  • 没有离题和跑题的情况 No digression /irrelevant content
  • 例子要具体真实典型 specific examples


Many old buildings protected by law are part of a nation's history. Some people think they should be knocked down and replaced by new ones. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


The government has spent / wasted a large proportion of its public funding protecting old buildings.


这句话中的 spent 是一个中性词,从该论点中看不出支持观点的理由。即使把 spent 换成 wasted(浪费),这个论点依然不具有说服力。因为我们要论证的是该不该拆除,而不是该不该保护。

# Coherence and Cohesion

  • 整体结构 Overall structure
  • 推进自然 Develop naturally
  • 有逻辑上的衔接 Logical connectors
  • 使用合适的代词 Pronouns
  • 使用合适的连词 Conjunctions


International tourists should be charged more than local people when visiting cultural and historical attractions in that county. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Today more and more tourists choose to go abroad and visit other countries to relax themselves. Many tourists complain about the high fees. I disagree with this idea.



An increasing number of tourists today choose to visit other countries to get physically relaxed and mentally refreshed. During their visits, many of them complain about the double charging standard against international travelers. Personally, such a standard is by no means justifiable.

during their visits 指代的是前文动词 visit 的行为;代词 them 指代的是 many people;such a standard 指代的又是前文的 double charging standard。由此可见,合理地使用代词使文章更流畅。

# Lexical Resource

  • 准确性:Accurateness

    词汇的第一要义是准确性,其中包括:固定搭配 - Collocation;拼写 - Spelling;用法 - Usage

  • 灵活性 Flexibility


  1. 平时多积累话题相关词汇

    outdoor activities 户外活动

    户外活动的同义词:outdoor recreations

    英文定义: Leisure pursuits engaged in natural or semi-natural settings out of towns。这些词汇都可以在写作中用到

    同学们在写作的时候可能会倾向于使用 Jogging, hiking, running, swimming 这些熟悉的单词,但是下面的这些单词能够提高作文的档次:

    kayaking (皮划艇), sky-diving (跳伞), canoeing (划舟), mountaineering (爬山), disc golf (飞碟), water skiing (划水)


    Beneficial use is related to the physical and social rewards that goal-directed activity instills in individuals or groups. (户外活动对审题健康和社交都有好处)

    Physical health - outdoor goal directed games such as adventure racing... (越野跑对身体好)

    Social rewards - build the social ties (可以增强团队精神)

    Some scientists believe that intelligent life forms may exist on other planets and some want to send messages to contact them. Others think it is a bad idea because these life forms may be too dangerous. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


    • extraterrestrial life /civiliation 外星文明
    • astronomer 天文学家
    • unambiguous evidence 确凿的证据
    • hypothetical form of biotic itelligence 生物智能假说
    • universe and galaxies 宇宙和星系
    • revolutionize the current theories 革新知识体系
    • explain the ultimate destiny of the universe 解释宇宙的最终命运
    • inadvisable 不明智的
    • unpredictable catastrophes 不可预见的大灾难
  2. 利用单词的不同词性与词组

    例如: important = of importance; emphasize = lay emphasis on = give priority to

  3. 熟词僻义(小词活用)

  4. 高级词汇

2、3、4 可以用以下例子来说明

The opening sentence of Pride and Prejudice —— 'It is a truth, universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.'

prejudice 在上文中的用法既体现了单词的不同词性也体现了小词活用。

prejudice 在表示 “偏见” 之外,还有动词含义: to have a bad effect on the future success or situation of someone or something (对成功有一定的损害)

例句: Misbehaved students should be expelled as they may prejudice the future progress of others.

上文中的 universally 实际上就是 commonly 的高级用法。


  • acknowledged - agreed
  • be in want of - want
  • in possession of - possess, have
  • a good fortune - money
  • people not in possession of a good fortune / People without sufficient budget - poor people

# Grammatical Range and Accuracy


  • 准确性:Accuracy


  • 弹性和复杂度:Flexibility & Complexity



  1. 宾语从句

    I believe that this idea is correct.

  2. 主语从句

    It is believe that this idea is correct.

  3. 同位语从句

    They all agree with the fact that the idea is correct.

  4. 定语从句


    1. 语言过于复杂,定语从句过分嵌套(至多两层即可)

      Those who believe that the government which should shoulder the responsibility of governing the country that represents the identity of a nation ought to allocate more of its financial budgets that are collected from the contribution of taxpayers who most fundamentally comprise society as a whole to more urgent issues (such as the establishment of better healthcare systems, city infrastructure and education) are stupid.

      一句话写这么长会 s 人的..


      I want to travel.

      ⭐ I am in want of taking a short-distance trip domestically or having a long-term journey overseas.

      ⭐ I am in want of taking a short-distance trip domestically for the historical features or having a long-term journey overseas to experience the charm of exotic cultures.

    2. 逻辑不清晰


      I do not like that the person who I like likes the person who I do not like.


      I do not like that the person who I like likes the person who likes me.

    3. 限定 vs 非限定

      I like China which is a great country. 中国不伟大就不喜欢了。

      I like China, which is a great country. 我喜欢中国,而且中国很伟大。

    4. 定语从句的特殊用法

      The reason why I hate him is ...

      The reason for which I hate him is ...

      This is the park where he beats a boy.

      This is the park in which he beats a boy.

      This is the holiday during which...

  5. 状语从句

    If 条件句 + 虚拟语气 + 倒装

    Should you have any further inquiries, please contact us.

    Were the funding allocated in time, the locals would enjoy more benefits.

    Had we left earlier, we would have arrived in Beijing.

  6. 部分倒装


    not only, but also

    on no account 绝不...

    On no account can we run away. 我们绝不会逃跑。

  7. 分词(现在分词 / 过去分词)


    Investing in education, people will benefit.

    people 投资教育,people 获得好处。

    The government investing in education, people will benefit.

    investing 的主语与后面主句的主语不同。

    Prices for international flights lowered, more tourists without sufficient budgets would be attracted.


    His hair cut, he came in.


# 总结


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