# Modes / Means of transport 如何表达交通方式

  • I go to work by car / bus / taxi.
  • I travel by train / plane / air.
  • I drive to work.
  • I take a cab / bus.
  • I came in my car.
  • I came on a train.

# “地铁” 怎么讲


  • UK (London) 英国

    • the underground
    • the Tube
  • US 美国

    • the subway
  • Europe (Paris) 欧洲

    • the metro

# Making comparisons 如何作比较


可用来修饰比较级和最高级的词有:much /a lot /far/a bit /a little /slightly/by far /easily.


The airplane is much / a lot / far / a bit / slightly / a little faster than the train, if you don't consider the time spent on the way to the airport and the long security lines.

Cycling in the city has been made much easier by the bike sharing apps.

It's much / a lot / far / a bit / slightly / a little more environmentally friendly to take public transport.

The subway is by far the most popular mode of transport in my city.

# Describing pros and cons 如何表达好处和坏处

  • pros 好处

    • travel at your own pace 按照自己的节奏
    • accessible by car 汽车能到达
    • enjoy the view 享受好风景
    • a good way to keep fit 保持健康的好方式
  • cons 坏处

    • be stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic 被堵在拥挤的交通里
    • little legroom in economy class 经济舱里空间小
    • safety hazard 安全风险
  • 句式

    • On the upside..., on the downside, ... 从好的方面来看,从坏的方面来看
    • On one hand, on the other hand, ... 一方面,另一方面

# Types of travel 如何表达旅行的种类

  • package holiday 全包旅行,旅行社安排一切的

    • All the work is done for you. 所有的东西都帮你安排好了
    • enjoy the hard-earned leisure 享受难得的休闲
    • won't learn a lot about another culture or get to know the locals 没机会体验别种文化或了解当地人
  • group tour 跟团行

    • itinerary packed with tourist attractions and activities 日程表被旅游景点和活动安排的慢慢的
  • backpacking /independent travel 背包旅行

    • create your own itinerary 安排自己的日程表
    • go off the beaten track 去没有多少人去过的路
  • road trip 公路旅行(Put on some great tunes and hit the open road!)

# Exam practice

  • What is the most common means of transport in your hometown?
  • Do you prefer to travel by train or air? Why?
  • Do you prefer to travel alone or with a group?
  • Tell me what your ideal holiday would be.
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